Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Sometimes it's cute when a little kid is learning new words and they get the word slightly wrong but that's ok they'll get it sooner or later. Well that's what we thought with Toby...except he's now 2-1/2 and the words are not slightly off they are off. They are spoken clearly and plainly. These are his words and he's sticking with em...Below is a sampling of some of the words you will need to know when conversing with the Tobster:

Hi = Yes
Tag = Blanket
Beep = Pacifier
Nanny = Candy
Dude = Graeme
Boom = Cars or Trucks
Boom Boom = Motorcycle
Guys = Fisher Price Little People
Bob = Any Drink ie Milk, Juice, Pop etc.
Chocolate Bob = Chocolate Milk
Toby's Bed = Mom and Dads Bed


Nanci said...

Ha ha ha, that's funny because his dad has the same problem. He ALMOST gets the right word, it's just a little off! It's cute when it comes from a 2.5 year old though!

Korea Daejeon Mission said...

You gotta outsmart those big people somehow! Make 'em speak your language! He is so cute!

mamapickle said...

hehe. that is so cute. Must get it from his dad that makes us words still as an adult :)

Megan Andersen said...

When Ava was little she couldn't pronounce her T's all, they sounded like F's. So whenever she would see a truck, well...I'm sure you can figure out what word she was saying..

I will take note of Toby's lingo.

Alana and Brian said...

Any progress in the last few months? I bet he's talking a bunch more now. Hope you guys had a great kick off for school this fall. Love you and miss you!

Raelee said...

I think it's cute....leave him alone!! haha
I love when kids start talking alot so funny!!